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Denyse Schmidt - Eastham - Medallion

Item # PWDS104
When I began designing Eastham, my newest fabric collection, memories came flooding back of summers spent at my grandmother’s cottage in Eastham, MA. The smell of cut grass and pine trees, the feel of the sun warming the top of my head, the sound of buzzing crickets and sneakers crunching on gravel – any of these can instantly transport me back to the freedom of childhood. I wanted to capture the joyful simplicity and untamed beauty of New England summers, particularly as they drew to a close. That brief, bittersweet time between the end of summer and the beginning of fall, a time of peaceful quiet between the old and the new. A nostalgic longing for what has come before mixed with the anticipation of what is to come next. As a child I’m sure I wasn’t grappling with heavy philosophical questions, but as a designer, I find that dichotomy compelling and it is often reflected in my work. The Eastham collection calls to mind a favorite sunhat (now stored on the top shelf of the closet) as well as a new plaid skirt for school. A sweetly feminine blouse paired with a sturdy sweater. The beauty of the collection lies in its versatility, as the three gorgeous color ways – Thistle, Bittersweet and Juniper – move effortlessly between the seasons. 

Product details
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, normal cycle with like colors Do not bleach Tumble dry low Warm iron
  • Fabric Size: 112cm / 44" width
  • Fabric Type: Cotton print 60's
  • Print Pattern: Circles
  • Substrate: 100% cotton