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Tula Pink - Free Fall - Free Fall - Battleship

Item # QBTP001.2BATT
As quilters, we spend so much time piecing the top of a quilt. We cut little pieces from beautiful fabrics and sew them back together giving each seam the most that our time, effort, precision and care have to offer. We make them for ourselves occasionally, but mostly for others to mark graduations, weddings, babies and all of those little moments that add up to create a well-lived life. The most admired side of a quilt is the pieced top, but the side that touches us and our loved ones the most is the back of the quilt. In honor of the people we love most, I have selected a beautiful, high quality sateen finish for my new 108" quilt backings. The feel of a treasured quilt on our skin should equal the beauty of the piecing so that every time we rest, sleep or even watch the occasional movie on a chilled winter evening can feel as luxe as it looks. Even with our eyes closed we will know that we are wrapped up in something special that will last a lifetime.

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