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Amy Butler - Hapi - Celestial - Dusk

Item # PWAB125.DUSKX
Hapi is my love story. It s all about the feelings & inspiration I returned home with after my travels to Egypt. It was truly an experience of a lifetime that will inspire me all of my days. The Egyptian way of life is open hearted, child like, vibrant and very much about living in the moment. There is a soulful grace and exuberance felt everywhere, very warm, very creative flowing with an optimism grounded in ancient culture. I was moved by how such an old story of creation can inform in such a fresh and timeless way. Hapi is the Egyptian god of the valley and the Nile and is all about creation and moving forward, exemplifying the process of life. My Hapi is the pure expression of the idea of flow and creativity that we all possess, flowing from our hearts and our hands.

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