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Tula Pink - Elizabeth - Pearls Of Wisdom - Tart

Item # PWTP067.TARTX
Tula Pink s newest fabric collection is a fantasy adaptation about a dynamic queen based on the life of Elizabeth I of England. Elizabeth s 16th Century England collides with the present in an explosion of color and pattern to create a thoroughly updated narrative. Tula used the original propaganda and symbology of Elizabeth s reign to weave together snippets of a story so enduring that we are still fascinated with her over 500 years later. From pelicans to pearls, there is a treasure trove of things to find and decode amongst the eccentrically decadent foliage, flowers, swirls and loops. It s both quirky and elegant in a way that only Tula Pink can achieve!
Discontinued: Product will not be replenished when out of stock.

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