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Victoria And Albert Museum - Bhandari - Varanasia - Divia

Item # PWVA053.DIVIA
Toraja is from a ceremonial banner. Gujarat, for the Indonesian market, found in Toraja area of central Sulawesi, radiocarbon-dated 1340+-40 years. Cotton, block-printed mordant-dyed, block-printed and resist-dyed. Varanasi is a brocaded cotton (Kimkhwab) woven in silk and silver-gilt threads, made in Varanasi, about 1860 Sari is a sari of tie-dyed cotton, Jamnagar, Gujarat, about 1987 Jaipur is a sample piece of tie-dyed cotton from Jaipur Chennai is a net skirt panel, embroidered in cotton, Madras, about 1855 Cambay is a wall hanging of embroidered cotton with silks, Gujarat, about 1700

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