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Marjolein Bastin - Marjolein's Garden - Fresh Veg - Taupe

Item # PWMB015.TAUPE
The favorite part of my yard is the small herb garden. It has a hornbeam hedge around it that arches over the gated entry as well. We’ve installed a fence to keep the bunnies out but somehow they find their way in anyway. There are no rules in my herb garden we plant whatever we want so there is always something to eat from the garden. The yellow garden tags remind us what is growing where. Of course we have strawberries, some raspberries and redcurrant, they remind me so much of my parents’ garden when I was growing up. And I just love eating potatoes from my own garden, and all the herbs that I could possibly want: marjoram, thyme, sage, parsley, you name it. All my garden tools are stored in the greenhouse. They’re all a bit rusty, having been used for many years in this garden. It is a wonderful garden and I love it dearly. When I visit the garden I usually take a moment to sit on the bench (that we bought forty years ago!) and simply enjoy. It’s as if time stands still, the eveni
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