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Juliana Horner is an artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. The oldest of seven children and daughter to textile designer Anna Maria Horner, Juliana grew up in a largely creative household. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in fashion design at Pratt Institute in 2014, and has since been broadening and refining her creative skills in many areas including illustration, textile and garment design. Living in both Nashville's musically-enriched culture and the artistic capitol that is New York has helped cultivate Juliana's multifaceted approach to creating. She finds the energy to design fabric lying in between spastic episodes of drawing, playing various instruments strangely, going on hikes and browsing untouched corners of antique stores.

Juliana's art could quickly be described as cute and ethereal with an unexpected depth. She cycles between flowers, faces, objects and amorphous shapes with an expressive style. Stream-of-consciousness doodling fades in and out of realistic depictions and scenes. She is interested in illustrating both clear human connectivity as well as the changing colors, shapes and thoughts that live in the recesses of our minds which we can't logically make sense of. By combining these two ideas, she hopes to convey a beautiful truth.