English Summer

In Anna Maria Horner's first collection as part of the Conservatory, she was influenced by her travels, which is an appropriate way to collaborate with the talented Conservatory artists from around the world joining her for this new venture.

For Anna Maria, England brings to mind flowers - especially after her beautiful Summer stay there last year, including the chance to inhabit a small 13th century Oxford shire cottage. The cottage sat on the most beautiful, imperfect, and blossoming garden. Most of the florals in the English Summer collection were inspired by exploring those grounds, as well as by walks around London and Oxford.

The mix of prints is meant to share the beauty of those naturalistic florals along with the ethnic and architectural inspirations that convey the special and unique place that is England. The scale and direction of the prints is perfect for fussy cutting quilts and creating beautiful garments and accessories and the palettes can inspire diverse directions towards modern or traditional quilting.

by Anna Maria Horner for Anna Maria's Conservatory