Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth has been a slow burning idea for 5 years that has taken a lifetime to create. Whether curling up on a couch with a book, helping grandma make bread, or raising our (many-11!) children, as sisters, we have spent a lifetime enjoying the comfort within the walls of our own homes. In pursuit of that comfort, we are always on a mission to make our homes feel inviting yet reflective of our creativity and passions. Mod Cloth is a combination of inspiration that we find as we look around our own homes. Mud cloth handmade pillows are enjoyed by all who sit on our couches; monstera, rubber tree and zz plants can be viewed in all rooms soaking up the natural light spilling in from windows and brightly colored scrappy quilts drape everywhere. We are creators that love to combine our quilting style with our home decor. This is why we created Mod Cloth; it is a variety of interesting low volume and rich jewel tone fabrics that will compliment life and creativity. We are excited to offer a full range of low volumes in multiple tints and tones that will add depth and texture to any project. The rich jewel tones reflect our love for earthy elements and interesting organic shapes that are all around us. - Jenny & Helen

Ships in May 2021

by Sew Kind of Wonderful

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