Modern Shirtings

I adore the idea of repurposing men’s shirts into the women’s history of quilt making. I also love using soft colors to make a subtle, comforting low volume quilt. This collection, Modern Shirtings, is taking that idea of low volume prints and making colorful, light patterns for comfort-food kind of quilts. Those are the quilts you want to snuggle up with, be wrapped up in, and have a good book to read all day! I was raised in a 50’s car- & music-loving family, so incorporating classic 50’s slang into the prints was a trip down memory lane! ‘Wing Tips’, ‘Swell’ and ‘No Dice’ are a real ‘Blast!’ ‘Off the Line’ is a real ‘Keeper’ and it will make you ‘Burst!’ And if you need to ‘Cut a Rug’ in a ‘Straw House’ then you are good to go! It was fun playing with different scale prints with a bit of color. Use them all together as a classic shirtings quilt. Mix with solids or incorporate with your favorite “Night Fancy” prints! Just enough color to tie together any prints to make the best cozy quilt ever!

Ships in June 2022

by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

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