Night Fancy

My Night Fancy collection started with inspiration from one of my own quilts, Diamond Rain. It is a dark quilt, which I don’t often make, but it hit all the right notes for me: movement, layers, contrast with pops of color! I love using busy, bold designs that move your eye in all directions. Inspiration for this collection continued to grow this past year as I moved to my house on Long Island where you can see the stars at night! You cannot see stars in NYC! My days are now filled with sewing, looking out at the trees in my yard, a walk in the garden, and growing my own flowers and vegetables. Nature is filled with pattern and design and movement, and sometimes one must slow down to notice. I’ve used small-scale prints for fun backgrounds with hints of many colors to connect with the larger random stars and flowers dancing across the night garden and sky! Softer, colorful prints help connect scrappy quilts with a jumble of colors. I love drawing up details and repeating them to have the option to fussy cut for use in quilt block shapes or English Paper Piecing, to give some amazing kaleidoscopic pattern. Night Fancy is all about the richness of color and texture that abounds!

Ships in January 2022

by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

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