Silk Road

The Silk Road was an ancient route that connected China and Southeast Asia with Southern Europe. It originated in the Chinese Han dynasty when it was the principal route for transporting the beautifully woven Chinese silks to the Western world. The Silk Road also played a significant part in the spread of art and culture to the countries found along the route, including: China, Japan, Korea, India, Persia and Turkey. With this new collection from Snow Leopard Designs, I am seeking to develop this beautiful art from these far away exotic cultures. The designs are inspired by the wonderful Ming dynasty Chinese silk brocades as well as tree of life designs from the Indian subcontinent and exotic silk ikat weaves from the Middle East. I hope that this new collection will help preserve these ancient artistic traditions and bring a sense of the mystical journey to the East into your homes and craft projects.

Ships in May 2020

by Snow Leopard Designs

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