Vintage Collection

Celebrating iconic and well-loved designs from their historic archive, Sanderson launches the Vintage Collection. Dating back to the last century, these archetypal designs have been recreated in fresh new colorways. Nostalgic yet vibrant; a contemporary way to bring classic florals into the home. ROSE & PEONY 1927 Designed in 1927, Rose & Peony began life as a wallpaper design with 16 colors (a mark of luxury in wallpaper design). It was produced by surface roller printing at the original Sanderson wallpaper factory in Chiswick, England. In 1930 the design was first printed as a fabric and the pattern has been a Sanderson favorite ever since. Available in 2 colorways: Vintage Rose and Indigo / Linen CHELSEA 1960 Chelsea was first created by then head designer, Kenneth Vivian Truman in 1959 to celebrate Sanderson’s centenary year in 1960. Chelsea has been known to occupy Sanderson’s textile print machines for six months at a time, such is its popularity. It is the most iconic of all Sanderson florals and Truman is credited for creating ‘the Sanderson look.’ Chelsea is the foundation on which all classic, Sanderson floral patterns are built. Available in 2 colorways: Vintage Rose and Indigo/Linen. STAPLETON PARK 1986 Stapleton Park was created by Pat Etheridge, a Sanderson in-house studio designer since the mid-1960s. This awe-inspiring pattern encapsulates the characteristics of an English country house chintz. Stapleton Park remains one of Sanderson’s best loved patterns and continues to decorate homes throughout the world. Available in 2 colorways: Indigo/Linen and Vintage Rose SORILLA Sorilla was first produced in the 1950s. This vintage floral originated from France and was re-designed in the Sanderson studio under the leadership of Mr. Truman, who was one of the foremost designers of his day. The design has been re-established for the twenty-first century. Available in 2 colorways: Indigo/Linen and Vintage Rose

by Sanderson

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