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  • Artisan

    by Kaffe Fassett

  • Bird In Hand

    The inspiration for this line of fabric came from my “Bird in Hand” quilt that I made years ago. I designed the fabrics to create a collage quilt that will feature the bird in a new way! A fun new way to mix colors and collage motifs. "She engaged in flights of fancy creating colors she loved, held on to them and did not risk losing them for something better!"

    by Laura Heine

  • Confettis

    Born from a voyage to Staphorst in the Netherlands, the Confettis collection is inspired by a traditional mixture of checks, polka dots and flowers, which characterize the traditional dress of the Staphorst community. However, under Odile Bailloeul's talented paintbrush, the colors became more audacious, the flowers scatter and the checks mingle. The fantasy that blows through this collection inspires joyful creations, fanciful clothes, and cheerful and colorful patchwork. Now we can dare the frou-frous, the unexpected combinations and some very feminine assemblages. Choose the range “Fantasy” which evokes celebration and lightness with its soft colors, or the range “Staphorst,” elegant and unusual.

    by Odile Bailloeul

  • Dakarai

    by Scion

  • Darling Meadow

    Darling Meadow, Tanya Whelan's latest collection, is a celebration of nature. Designs of deer, birds, bunnies and butterflies mingle sweetly with Tanya's trademark floral designs. Made up of two lively color palettes; Sunshine, comprised of yellows, saturated oranges and just the right amount of deep pink and Grass and Sky, rendered in deep teals, olives and sky blues. The colors and designs will make for dynamic and pretty quilts, clothing bags and more.

    by Tanya Whelan

  • Dream Cottage

    Who hasn’t dreamed of that little getaway cottage? That special place to call one’s own when the hustle and bustle of everyday life gets to be too much. Whether you’ve imagined a quaint spot in the country or a sweet destination by the seashore that imaginary place is always extra special. As long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to little cottages full of charm and endless possibilities of decor. I swore that someday I would have my very own. I imagined filling my cottage with all of my favorite things and curling up on a cozy porch reading a wonderful novel as I heard birds chirp or the sound of the ocean in the distance. Dream Cottage celebrates the spirit of those visions. This wonderful new collection features blooming roses, clean stripes and crisp plaids. It offers two lovely color palettes one I like to think of as In The Country and the other By The Sea. In The Country is sweet with soft pink, blue and ivory, while By The Sea is fresh & romantic with bold navy and hints of yellow and green. I imagine creating so many wonderful things from each of the different color schemes. In The Country makes me imagine vintage style aprons, dish towels, table runners, patchwork quilts and market totes. By The Sea brings visions of assorted pillows, a weekender bag, summer dresses and a baby’s nursery. The possibilities are endless. What does Dream Cottage inspire in you? I can’t wait to see.

    by Verna Mosquera

  • English Summer

    In Anna Maria Horner's first collection as part of the Conservatory, she was influenced by her travels, which is an appropriate way to collaborate with the talented Conservatory artists from around the world joining her for this new venture.

    For Anna Maria, England brings to mind flowers - especially after her beautiful Summer stay there last year, including the chance to inhabit a small 13th century Oxford shire cottage. The cottage sat on the most beautiful, imperfect, and blossoming garden. Most of the florals in the English Summer collection were inspired by exploring those grounds, as well as by walks around London and Oxford.

    The mix of prints is meant to share the beauty of those naturalistic florals along with the ethnic and architectural inspirations that convey the special and unique place that is England. The scale and direction of the prints is perfect for fussy cutting quilts and creating beautiful garments and accessories and the palettes can inspire diverse directions towards modern or traditional quilting.

    by Anna Maria Horner for Anna Maria's Conservatory

  • Garden Bright

    This collection began as a painting I started two years ago. I often start with a background that I let sit for a while until I decide what I want the finished painting to be. Of course, it rarely ends up looking anything like I originally intended! I love color and texture. I added layer after layer using stencils, spray paints, hand printed papers and inks until I had Garden Bright. The coordinating paintings came much more easily. I tend to paint in the same palette most of the time so everything coordinated nicely. I love that these paintings are being printed on fabric, and I cannot wait to see what quilters will create!

    by Sue Penn

  • Memoranda

    The beautiful decay of abandoned elements inspired this collection known as Memoranda. Handwritten documentation and colorful ephemera are layered with faded tape to create a unique timeworn esthetic. Memoranda reimagines remnants of the past into collaged works of pattern and print…

    by Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements

  • Montagu

    The new Morris & Co. collection with Free Spirit is named after the house owned by the Arts and Crafts designer, and a friend of William Morris, W.A.S Benson located on Montagu Square, which was furnished throughout with Morris & Co. products. Inspired by Morris’ passion for exploring the craftsmanship of the East, the new M Montagu collection combines designs from the Morris & Co. archive and studio influenced by Morris’ role as a collector of Persian carpets and global textiles. The Montagu collection embraces the deep blues of Morris’ early indigo discharge prints, replicating William Morris’ exploration of natural dyes and pairing these with fiery reds, forest greens, warm ambers and rich ochres.

    by The Original Morris& Co.

  • Passionflower

    There are over 500 varieties of Passion Flower, and among them are a type that grows wild in Tennessee. Living here, I’ve become very accustomed to the rapidly growing vines in my garden, whether invited or not. Last Spring upon returning from a long trip, I found they had taken over a large portion of my flowerbeds and had no choice but to enjoy their strange blooms. My Passionflower collection was created with the idea that the most beautiful things can happen without planning for them. The diversity of print styles are meant to inspire unusual combinations and exciting palettes. The Impostor design is a celebration of unexpected beauty disrupting the norm, while the Passiflora design is a moody study of my now beloved Tennessee wildflowers. The Migration design features the Heliconius, because they are so appreciative of the flowers that they are known as the passion-vine butterfly. Add to that some healthy scale variety from patchwork stripes, bold geometrics, and lacey tonals, Passionflower is destined for favorite quilts, bold garments, and go-to prints that work with all of my collections.

    by Anna Maria Horner

  • Peony Pagoda

    Years ago, I had the privilege of being an exchange student in Japan. This experience holds many treasured memories of kind, generous people and enchanting flower gardens with pagodas and bridges. My trip to Japan holds a special place in my heart and I hope to capture some of its beauty with my Peony Pagoda collection. Enjoy!

    by Corinne Haig

  • Rhythm

    Ever present in my studio, melody sets the tone for the workday ahead and mood responds accordingly. As notes fill the airwaves, my creativity comes alive. I find that there is a lovely elegance to the symbiotic interconnection between music, art and design. Just as each note in a song is integral to the next, there is a beautiful harmony between each of the unique patterns in my Rhythm fabric collection. Like a dance, each works on its own yet adds to the whole… The Rhythm collection pays homage to a melody of motion and movement. A symphony in balance, it’s my hope that it will add a soulful swing to your next creative sewing project.

    by Shell Rummell

  • Savernake Road

    Savernake road, a street curved along a small part of Hampstead Heath, London was the starting point for my first fabric collection. I walk down this road most days and embrace all of my surroundings. Front gardens of wild and groomed flowers spilling onto the pavement, Victorian houses, and broken tile front paths. All of this makes me very happy! I hope you experience my happiness through my first collection as part of an amazing group of artists known as the Anna Maria Conservatory.

    by Monika Forsberg for Anna Maria's Conservatory

  • St. John

    Once again, my paintings become the basis for my collection! St. John was a family destination. We loved the solitude of the island. The beaches stretched for miles and seeing the ocean floor from glass bottom boats had us feeling very blessed. When the mirror image of Stephanie became the main print taking on that island feel, I was overboard with enthusiasm. The rest came together easily.

    Tossed flowers with Ladies in their crowns are the heartbeat of the collection. Bridgette is a wonderful trellis that outlined my favorite painted girl reminding me of my daughter. The Watercolor stripes and fun roses popping off the fabric will feed you with loads of creativity and embellishment ideas. The stripe was actually a vase in one of my paintings. Moreover, we know the dot factor in any grouping is perfect for plushies, clothing, quilts, and more.

    I just know this amazing collection will increase your heart rate and provide you with hours of inspiration. All you need to do is enjoy!

    by Jennifer Paganelli

  • Sugar Beach

    by Jennifer Paganelli

  • Tambourine

    My Tambourine collection welcomes you back to one of my favorite themes- folk art and handmade ornamentation. Tambourine is a diverse mix of imagery that celebrates nature, rhythm and fine details. The flora and fauna colored with moody and rich palettes go beyond the more typical cute folk look, but travel to more exotic and authentic places. In my research I was inspired as always by embroideries, kilims, and artwork but also by a few female painters from the Ukraine and Algeria that made art in the early to mid-20th century. These varied sources inspired strange beauty, joyous color and undeniable movement with prints that play between traditional and stream of consciousness. The broad variety in scale and texture of the feature and supporting prints offer endless inspiration for patchwork, as well as garments and accessories.

    by Anna Maria Horner

  • The Dress

    She is a charmer, a modern-day flower child! I love flowers and I love fabrics. This collection captures my passions. I am a fabric collage designer. I fussy cut a variety of fabrics, mix them up, and put them back together. Use this versatile palette for your own creative collage or incorporate it in a fresh quilt, bag, or pillow!

    by Laura Heine

  • Vestige

    Our Vestige Collection refers to the fragments, motifs and design elements gathered from past drawings and designs that we have collaged and overlaid to form new combinations. This new work continues my interest in hand drawn geometries and abstract forms that escape formality by overlapping in unexpected ways through juxtapositions of shape, scale and surprise.

    by Bookhou for Anna Maria's Conservatory

  • Zuma

    Every 5 years or so my brain turns to salty liquid. I just can’t shake a longing for the ocean from my cozy studio in the land locked Midwest. Growing up on the California coast infused me with the spirit of the sea and to this day saltwater runs through my veins. The pull of the sea affects so many of us, throughout time even Gods have risen up to explain this phenomenon, Neptune and Poseidon reigned supreme over the ocean more than three thousand years ago. It is the mystery more than anything that drives this fascination. The deepest oceans are like alien planets with sea life evolving unseen by human eyes. So why can’t a sea horse, become a unicorn? I certainly cannot think of a reason. If it could happen then it could happen here. In vivid Technicolor with a bioluminescent glow, you will find Spotted Eagle Sting Rays amongst the seaweed, Mini Blue Whales fraternizing with giant Sea Unicorns and a bloom of Jellyfish gently drifting with the current. There is a lot going on down here so take a deep breath and join me on the ocean floor where the water is cool and quiet and the water bound wonders never cease.

    by Tula Pink


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