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  • Earth Made Paradise

    Like the world around us, we naturally grow in the direction of the light. The abundant beauty of the earth, is in its essence, a random collection of shapes, colours and textures thrown together Earth Made Paradise is an invitation to gather and create in the spirit of the earth…a spirit that impulsively moves us to wild abandon. Celebrate the eclectic mix of stretching tropical vines, dangling fruit, dancing birds among from the leaves and a graphic plaid. Bask in warm sunlight of summer colours or find relief in cool shadows of the evening. Partake in all the elements of nature that create a scene in which chance is the creative director of a radiating paradise.

    Ships in March 2021

    by Kathy Doughty

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  • Homeward

    “Which way is home? Home is a memory. Home is a feeling. Home is in Camden with my boys. Home is longing. Home is a happy thought. Home is in the direction I’m walking.”

    Ships in March 2021

    by Monika Forsberg for Anna Maria’s Conservatory

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  • Kaffe Fassett Collective February 2021

    Shipping February 2021 - Retailers: New Orders/Re-Orders will ship March 2021.

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  • Linework

    Retailers: New orders/re-orders will ship March 2021.

    by Tula Pink

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  • New! Classics Pre-Cuts

    Retailers: New Orders shipping February 2021

    by Kaffe Fassett Collective


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  • Orkney

    by The Original Morris & Co.

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  • Pizzazz

    I love peacocks! I even have a Pinterest board with paintings and photos of peacocks. They are so colorful, and you know I love color! I especially like using mixed media techniques to create peacock canvases. Of course, the colors in my peacock paintings aren’t traditional “peacock” colors, but the feathers are a perfect opportunity for using bright hand printed papers. Pizzazz is the most colorful one I’ve done yet. I can’t wait to see what quilters will do with this line!

    Ships in March 2021

    by Sue Penn

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  • Woodland Walk

    Woodland walk … I’m going slowly and silently into the woods. I stop and just observe around me...the birds sing from a tree, and then suddenly a couple of dear with their fawns appear behind the bush. Rabbits and hares jump between the clovers and butterflies are flying around the wild roses…I’m like the little red riding hood and love to be in the middle of the forest.

    Ships in January 2021

    by Nathalie Lete for Anna Maria’s Conservatory

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