Natalie Malan

Peach blossoms, in their riot of color, caught my eye when I was a little girl growing up in Georgia. Their velvety bursts of pink, salmon, and fuchsia painted the land and held the promise of sweet, sticky heaven later on. When we lived in a place with so many stories, my dad, a Professor of military history, told us tales of how these treasured quilts were passed down through generations and used as signals for those escaping bondage; he painted that picture in my mind and made me want to create beauty with a needle and thread, to connect to the past in that way. We moved every two years, and each new place had new sights, new stories that made me dream in color. When I grew up and had my own family, I knew I wanted to put down roots and plant as many flowers as possible, to surround myself with all the colors of my childhood. I began to paint those hues and those dreams. With each of my fabrics I want you to be able to create treasures inspired by your own stories, to surround yourself with color and good memories.

Natalie Malan

Designer Collections

Georgia Blue, Crisp Petals


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