Verna Mosquera

Verna was the little girl painting portraits of her stuffed animals and sewing treasures for her grade school girlfriends. At 16-years-old, she started college at California State University, Hayward.  Verna wanted to fuse business and imagination and did just that by convincing faculty to allow her to create a special major in "marketing the arts."

As a young adult, Verna's exploration intensified. She studied Embroidery, Japanese Papermaking and Artist Books. At age 25, she packed up her life and moved to her father's homeland of Montevideo, Uruguay. In Uruguay, she mastered Spanish and worked as a conversational English teacher. She learned serigraphy and her aunts taught her to knit while sharing stories of her family's history. But, by far, the most important event to occur for Verna in Uruguay was meeting her husband Miguel. 

In Miguel, Verna found a man who shared her love of culture and art. Together they travelled Europe and lived a year in Florence, Italy, where her creativity flourished. She discovered an artisan program where she was able to spend several hours per week in the private studios of local artists. She studied Florentine Papermaking, Bookbinding and Ceramics. 

In 1996 she and Miguel married and relocated to California. Upon returning home, she signed up for a quilting class at a local shop. She was hooked from the word “go”. After just one year of quilting, she began working in the store and teaching classes. She continued to study to perfect her skills while learning more about the business side of the industry by working in the shop.

Verna has taught everything from beginning quilt making to more advanced piecing techniques and now mainly appliqué. Verna's appliqué technique is industry-renowned and is just one of the special features of her vintage, romantic designs that make them unique, current and instantly recognisable as hers.

When her students started telling her that her patterns were enabling them to create timeless family heirlooms, she decided to expand her reach beyond the classroom. In 2004, Verna's creativity, background in marketing and entrepreneurial spirit created the perfect storm, which compelled her to launch her own business, The Vintage Spool. The Vintage Spool's designs have earned international acclaim. The company currently distributes over 25 designs worldwide, and hosts 3 workshops a year for appliqué enthusiasts.

In the fall of 2004 Verna's designed her first collection of fabric, Sweet Escape. Since that time Verna has continued to design romantic vintage inspired fabrics for FreeSpirit. Her latest creative endeavour is authoring A Sewn Vintage Lifestyle, an instructional text featuring her fabric collections and pattern designs. Inspiring folks to create 20 beautifully sewn, quilted and embroidered projects. 

Verna has achieved this level of business success without sacrificing her commitment to "stay home" to raise her two sons, Milo and Nico. Verna juggles running a business and family while working from her home studio in Danville, California. Her days are often extremely busy but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Verna Mosquera

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